Yamamoto Metal Works Base Co., Ltd, the metal processing company was established in 1980 in Katsuragi Town, Ito County, Wakayama Prefecture, the home of Koyasan, the head temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. Even though the company situates in a disadvantageous environment that was not even a metalworking production area, we were fortunate to have many customers and friends who supported us. The company has been providing a variety of metal products, mainly using stainless steel. Our products are used in a wide range, from medical fields to construction and equipment. However, we have noticed an overwhelming lack of furniture and interior decorations that focus on metal works that give a sense of security and uplift our daily lives. In fact, we did not have many opportunities to produce such products either. Through the nature of metals, it can be easily imagined that it would be used in situations where robustness is required, and this nature was thought to be challenging to blend in with everyday lifestyle. But for those of us who are familiar with the many aspects of metal, starting from the process of cutting, beating, bending, welding, and polishing, its attractive texture, color, materiality, workability, and strength, we felt it was a shame that they were not acknowledged. While producing metal products, our feelings and affection towards the material have grown, and so have our wishes that it could be more familiar in people's lives.



It wasn't easy to give shape to this idea and to move on, but two encounters triggered a significant step forward. The first was an encounter with a special stainless steel. The material had a distinctive look and texture thanks to a unique polishing technology. By using various techniques, the material is polished in many layers, which gives it a unique "feel" similar to that of wood or leather. When we came across the material for the first time, there was an urge to feel and touch it, and we instantly knew that it is a material that can naturally blend in with our daily lives, just like wood and leather.
Secondly, we met Takashi Sekimitsu, a designer who bridges the gap between us and the furniture and interior design industry. As we were not familiar with this industry, he was a very reassuring presence and a great help in turning our "ideas" into "form.

The year 2020. Yamamoto Metal Works BASE Co., Ltd. launched an interior design products brand, "metalab" that mainly focuses on metal as its primary material.


metalab創設者 /山本製作所BASE株式会社 代表取締役

1981年 和歌山県生まれ
2004年 近畿大学理工学部建築学科環境デザインコース卒業
2004年~ 2006年 建築設計事務所勤務
2006年~ 2008年 木工家具製造会社勤務
2008年 山本製作所 入所
2015年 山本製作所 2代目代表に就任
2020年 山本製作所BASE株式会社 代表取締役就任

2級建築士、JIS ステンレス鋼TIG 溶接技術者

1981-born in WAKAYAMA pref in JAPAN
2004-graduated from Kinki University
2004~2006 worked in an architectural design office
2006~2008 worked in a wooden furniture manufacture
2008-started to work in Yamamoto Seisakusyo
2015-became 2nd representative of Yamamoto Seisakusyo
2020~established Yamamoto Seisakusyo Base inc. and became

representative director
class-2nd architects , technical experts of JIS stainless-steel TIG welding I design and produce various order-metal products with stainles s steel, normal steel and aluminum since my predecessor’ s time. On the other hand, I’ ve considered to renovate new products with in-house original style, so I started new interior elements br and “metalab” . A part of company’ s name “BASE” is put my thoughts that my company become a base of new products and service for the world into. I would like to keep making things with this thoughts.

関光 卓
metalab Designer /ゲイトライトデザイン 代表

1975年 岡山県生まれ
1998年 京都工芸繊維大学工芸学部造形工学科意匠コース卒業
1998年~ 2016年 関光デザイン事務所
2000年 クリエイターユニットCa 設立
2010年 カタリストアソシエイツLLP 共同設立
2016年 ゲイトライトデザイン設立

福岡デザインアワードなど複数受賞、JID 会員、各行政機関の支援アドバイザー。家具を中心に様々なプロダクトデザインを行う。
また、ワンストップのデザイン活動を大切にし、ブランディング・アートディレクション、グラフィックデザインまで行い、 事業をデザイン的アプローチで総合的にサポートを行う。
“何事にも、デザインが必要” /everything needs design. が社のコンセプトで、対象の垣根なく様々なコト・モノのデザイン活動を行う。

1975-born in Okayama pref.
1998-graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology
1998~2016-worked in Sekimitsu Design Institute
2000-established creator’ s unite “Ca”
2010-established Catalyst asociates LLP
2016-established Gate Light Design

I got some design prizes like as Fukuoka Design Award. I’ m a member of JID. And I work as a design expert belong to some pubric administrations of JAPAN
I mainly design Furniture,but other products as well. I value d esign achivment of “one stop” ,so although I design many products, but I design branding,art direction, graphic things too. “Everything needs design” is my key words.



Rather than looking at metal as robust parts and pieces, we see it more as a "material" with the possibility to be used like wood, leather, cloth, etc. It has a strong presence that blends in well with residential and public spaces.
The design makes the most of the specially polished metal. It is combined with different materials such as wood, leather, and cloth to create a collaboration that makes people want to touch the unique metal texture.


It is essential that people, plants, objects, and spaces harmonize comfortably and that the specially polished stainless-steel and the different materials harmonize with balance. We kept the form simple to express the presence of each material.
We paid the most attention to the "line, surface, and presence" of the material. Rather than using it as a part of a product, we used the stainless-steel on the "surface" as much as possible.
The unique luxury and comfort created by the specially polished metal and natural materials make a new universe you have never experienced before.


Three types of polishing

  • 梅枝
    太宰府の”飛び梅”長い年月を経て尚、美しく境内にたたずんでいます。 飛び梅のように美しい枝と歴史を感じる太宰府の風を意匠金属ステンレスでお届けしています。
    仕上 : 不均質 / 不連続研磨加工
    対応素材 : ステンレス鋼 SUS304 等
    その他 : 同じようにみえる表面ですが、全く同じものは作ることができません。つまり、隣り合う 者同士は同じように見えるが同じではない不均質な空間を形成します。 塗装のように剥がれや色あせがでることはありません。
  • Metal Kilim
    あたかも絨毯の長い毛が生えているような印象を 金属の輝き方の違いで表現しています。
    仕上 : アートデザイン マットフィニッシュ
    対応素材 : ステンレス鋼 SUS304 等
  • Modern Camouflage
    仕上 : 複合研磨仕上げ
    対応素材 : ステンレス鋼 SUS304 等
    その他 : 物理的な研削、磨き、打撃などだけで模様を形成しています。 塗装のように剥がれや色あせがでることはありません。

Metals designed by MAKO※【 MAKO 】とは、東洋ステンレス研磨工業(株)が制作する意匠金属ブランドです